your a kung fu animal trying to learn kung fu there are 2 masters good and evil!

    Site Rules/Basic Rules

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    Site Rules/Basic Rules

    Post  master shinogie on Wed May 25, 2011 11:26 pm

    1.Be fair to other members

    2.No swearing

    3.You can make your own kung fu styles unless you got permission (Ask any Admin!)

    4.You don't have to be a character in kung fu panda

    5.Don't join just to join!Unused Accounts and Inactive users will be deleted

    6.Don't tell your real location is at

    7.Please don't share your full name

    9.Stay safe,use the common rules of Internet Safety spamming

    12.don't double post

    13.Have fun!!! Smile

    14:you can't post until you are approuved

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